June 14, 2019

Shape New Mobility – More Innovation in the Automotive Industry

For a long time, it was obvious: the car is the object of personal mobility. This was certain. Meanwhile, other industries were already changing. But the times for the automotive industry are also changing. Mobility no longer means driving a car - no. Mobility is a broad concept that has to be shaped scratch.

Electric cars are only a small component of change. Digitization makes a whole industry more than just producers. Established companies become service providers that create a networked system around the car.


Keep up with trends

Not so long ago, electric cars were dismissed as futuristic. Today self-driving cars are a realistic scenario. Well-established groups face new competitors like Apple and Google who have a completely different approach to the market. New business models such as car-sharing also have a direct impact on the industry. That is why it is especially important for car manufacturers to keep up with the times and to dare to try out unusual ideas.


New Mobility - do it right

But which trends are relevant to your company? Which innovations can you and your suppliers quickly implement? How can large, established corporations become more flexible and agile?

Read the innosabi report Agile Innovation in the Automotive Industry how to make your company fit for a connected, digital future!

Agile Innovation in Automotive


Antonia Paal
Antonia Paal

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